WEBCAST: Discharge To Assess Using A Single Handed Care Approach (A1 Risk Solutions)

A study by Health Watch and British Red Cross has found that rushed hospital discharges during the coronavirus pandemic have led to unmet care needs and a lack of support for patients returning home. 82% of the survey respondents did not receive a follow-up visit and assessment from a healthcare professional post discharge.

25% of those who reported having outstanding support needs lived alone, and 74% of those still needing support were aged between 50-80+ years old. A positive experience of being discharged from hospital can make all the difference for an older person living with frailty or other long-term conditions. As new NHS discharge arrangements are implemented, it is critical people feel safe, supported and ready for the next stage of their recovery. In this live webinar we explore Discharge to Assess using a single handed care approach.

Learning Objectives:

• Understand the discharge to assess process
• Explore changes to the hospital discharge process due to Covid-19, and since September 2020 is the
process realistic?
• The current impact on community services
• Compare different discharge to assess models that are currently being used
• Identify and develop potential solutions and explore whether single handed care is part of the discharge to assess process
• Consider if the discharge to assess process being used appropriately

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