New International Clinical Paper

Wounds International have published a comprehensive new clinical paper focusing on Hybrid support surfaces. With contributions from an international group of leading experts the paper is designed to help clinicians understand more about the wide range of hybrid systems now available.

The number of people at risk from pressure ulcers is increasing due to an ageing population and a rising prevalence of long-term conditions globally. Since most pressure ulcers are preventable, greater demands are being placed on practitioners to implement strategies for prevention. Hybrid support surfaces have become increasingly important as a key part of a prevention strategy, selected both as a more cost effective alternating mattress and a higher grade standard support surface.

The paper concludes that when selecting a hybrid support surface, clinicians should be very clear about the mechanism of action claimed, how the benefit is delivered to the patient and the level of evidence for use to ensure that the right mattress is used at the right time for individual patients.

To read the full paper click here.