Handicare Vermeer

Our multi-storey stairlift

The Vermeer has been designed specifically for multi-storey houses and apartment block stairwells Also, for houses with

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Handicare 2000

The stairlift which meets your needs exactly

The 2000 is a well established and versatile stairlift system with the tighest

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Handicare Van Gogh

One of the most popular curved stairlifts in the world

This Handicare stairlift provides a safe, smooth and comfortable ride

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Handicare Rembrandt

Special stairlift design for the inside bend of the stairs

The track of the Rembrandt stairlift runs above the narrow

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Handicare 1000 XXL

When extra workload is needed

The 1000 XXL is the latest addition to Handicare’s comprehensive range of straight stairlifts: by

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Handicare Simplicity Plus

Economy stairlift with powered options

The Simplicity straight stairlift comes with the Smart seat and optional powered features For those

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Handicare Simplicity

A safe, practical and reliable solution for your straight staircase

If you do not require a powered swivel, and you

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Handicare 1000

The sleekest track in our range

The 1000 provides comfort and support and gives the option of upgrading with powered

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PhotoSurvey by Handicare

For quick and easy staircase surveys

Most staircase surveys are very quick and easy to perform If your staircase is

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User assessment

Your stairlift supplier is happy to help!

Stairlift seats and systems vary between manufacturers Whilst it is rare that a

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Hinged track

A hinge track to fold the track away

In order for the seat to get low enough for the user

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Body harness

Designed for customers who need extra support

If a higher degree of upper body support is required we can supply

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Swivel function

Exit onto the landing safely

When you arrive at the top of the stairs you will need to swivel your

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Folding function

Maximise free space by folding the stairlift up

The footplate and seat can be folded up to increase available space

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Slide track

The revolutionary unique alternative to hinged tracks

The Slide Track is a ground breaking solution available only from Handicare for

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