Shower curtain rail

Codice Prodotto LI2641.0001-02

For corner showers

A uniform look is pleasing to the eye. Therefore, the Shower curtain rail of Handicare features the same wall flanges and covers as the Ergogrip grab rails and a general design which is a true match to the bathroom safety equipment in the Handicare range.

The wall mounted Shower curtain rail of Handicare is ideal for a corner shower measuring 900 x 900 mm. It is very easy to install and the symmetrical design allows for both left-hand and right-hand installation.

Using the Shower curtain rail in combination with a matching Ceiling mounting set, which is available as an accessory, is always recommended, especially if there is any doubt over the strength of the wall or if the users are likely to pull on the curtain. The ceiling fixing pole is 1000 mm long but it can easily be shortened to the required length.


The shower curtain rail is supplied without curtain or rings so you can choose these yourself according to your taste. Standard shower curtain rings fit very well round the tube.

Order information

Handicare’s Shower curtain rail is available in several materials and colours; coated steel (available in the colour white only) and polished stainless steel with white plastic (glass fibre reinforced nylon) flanges and covers. The Ceiling mounting set is available in coated aluminium in matching colours. The plastic clamp is always anthracite. For complete article numbers, please consult the Order information document which is available as a pdf in the “Documentation” section hereunder.


  • Useful and practical, with a matching design
  • Supplied without shower curtain and rings to allow for a free choice
  • Durable steel or stainless steel with plastic (glass fibre reinforced nylon) wall flanges and covers for electrical insulation
  • Watertight construction
  • Hygienic design with rounded shapes and sleek surfaces
  • Very easy to install, Wall mounting set (art. no. LI2807.0000-00) is available as an accessory
  • After installation, the fixing points are covered and concealed for a stylish look and to make the shower curtain rail easy to keep clean
  • The surface area of the wall flanges ensures that the load is well distributed, but for secure fixing to a weaker wall, a special backing plate for mounting from the back of the wall is available as an accessory (art. no. LI0126.5034-02)
  • A Ceiling mounting set (art. no. LI2641.1003-xx) is also available as an accessory
  • 5 years warranty

Combinations and accessories for indiviually adapted bathroom solutions

Handicare’s range offers a wide choice of safe and comfortable assistive devices and practical accessories; products that can be supplied in several materials and colours and that can be combined in an endless number of ways to provide for increased versatility and usability and for the creation of individually adapted support solutions for different locations and user needs. For example, Shower curtain rail can be used in combination with Ceiling mounting set for extra security. Furthermore, Shower curtain rail and Ceiling mounting set feature the same design as the Ergogrip grab rails and many of the other Handicare bathroom accessories which, in addition to increased safety, provides for a great looking bathroom.

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Art. no.LI2641.0001-02
NameShower curtain rail
DescriptionTotal length 900 x 900 mm, for corner showers and for standard shower curtain rings
Total length900x900 mm
Number of flanges2

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