Shower head holder

Codice Prodotto LI2630.2006-02;LI2630.2006-11

Easy single-hand manoeuvring

For people with restricted movement or weak wrists or hands, operating a regular shower head holder is not easy as the traditional rotary knob requires a twisting movement which can be painful or cause strain.

The Handicare Shower head holder features an ergonomic design allowing it to be gripped in several different ways. It is used in combination with an Ergogrip grab rail constituting an elegant and practical slide bar as well as a safe and secure support in the bath or shower. The shower head holder can easily be adjusted up and down over the full length of the slide bar, single-handedly, with very little force and with no mechanisms to release. A special braking system keeps the shower head holder at the required height for sitting or standing showering.


The shower head holder features a conical shape and can accommodate any standard hand-held shower head.


Handicare’s Shower head holder is made from durable plastic (PMMA) and is available in two colours; white and anthracite.


  • Easy adjustment, without difficult twisting or gripping movements
  • Ergonomic design provides for many gripping options
  • Combination with Ergogrip grab rails creates a safe showering environment
  • Durable plastic (PMMA) for easy maintenance
  • 5 years warranty


Combinations and accessories for indiviually adapted bathroom solutions

Handicare’s range offers a wide choice of safe and comfortable assistive devices and practical accessories; products that can be supplied in several materials and colours and that can be combined in an endless number of ways to provide for increased versatility and usability and for the creation of individually adapted support solutions for different locations and user needs. For example, Shower head holder can be used in combination with:

  • Ergogrip 300-1400 straight grab rails
  • All variants of Ergogrip 90 angled grab rails
  • All variants of Ergogrip combination rail

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Material(s)Plastic (PMMA)Plastic (PMMA)
Art. no.LI2630.2006-02LI2630.2006-11
NameShower head holderShower head holder
DescriptionPlastic (PMMA), white, for Ergogrip 300-1400, Ergogrip 90 and Ergogrip combination railPlastic (PMMA), black, for Ergogrip 300-1400, Ergogrip 90 and Ergogrip combination rail
Total width50 mm50 mm
Total height100 mm100 mm
Unit1 1

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