Dyna-Form® Air Pro-Plus Alternating Cushion

The Dyna-Form® Air Pro-Plus Cushion is part of the latest developed, dynamic replacement seating


Dyna-Form® Mercury Advance Alternating Cushion

The Dyna-Form® Mercury Advance Alternating Cushion is a dynamic replacement seating system, combined with


Dyna-Tek® Intelligent Air Cushion

Intelligent Air クッションは、革新的な車いす座席における新た な標準を確立しました。事前設定を行ったり、時間の経過と ともに失われた空気を再注入する必要がない、優れた「個別調整」型の圧力再分布を実現しています。


Transflo Cushion

The Transflo Cushion has been innovatively designed using a combination of high density foam and a unique silicone gel


Dyna-Tek® Gel Cushion

The Dyna-Tek® Gel Cushion has been designed using the latest polyurethane gel By incorporating the most advanced raw materials during the


Dyna-Flex® Cushion

The Dyna-Flex® Cushion incorporates the most exclusive combination of visco elastic & CME foam technology, providing not only outstanding pressure re-distribution,


Dyna-Tek® Superior

The Dyna-Tek® Superior Cushion has been created for users considered to be “At Risk” of pressure ulcer development Dyna – Tek


Dyna-Tek® Pad Cushion

The Dyna-Tek® Pad Cushion has been created for users considered to be “At Risk” of pressure ulcer development Dyna-Tek Pad Cushion’s design


Dyna-Tek® Profile

The Dyna-Tek® Profile Cushion is our entry level product, providing good postural management, along with great pressure re-distribution This product is specifically


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