EasyRoll Inco 2way Sliding sheet

Productcode 10991

EasyRoll Inco 2way Sliding sheet

EasyRoll Inco 2way Sliding sheet is an absorbent incontinence pad with a barrier layer that prevents leakage. In addition, the underside of the product has a low-friction coating (sliding fabric) that allows easy sliding in bed. This means it facilitates the turning of the patient for caregivers.

The EasyRoll Inco 2way Sliding sheet consist of three handles on each side for best grip in lateral movement of the patient.

The sheet should be placed on top of a standard sheet.

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EasyRoll Inco 2Way Sliding Sheet
Art. no.10991
NameEasyRoll Inco 2way Sliding sheet
Description2x3 handles
Totale lengte900 mm
Totale breedte1800 mm
Material(s)Cotton / Polyester
ColorWhite / Red


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