Bure Rise & Go

Product Code BRG0020001, BRG0020002

Bure Rise & Go is an all-round solution that saves space, time and money. Instead of purchasing both hoists and walkers it is probably often sufficient to acquire the flexible, cost effective Bure Rise & Go.

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Unique Power Rise Harness The power rise harness is designed to reach as far down across the bottom as possible. This provides optimum support, which results in a natural standing action
Leg Support Bure Rise & Go is fitted with shin supports that make for a better standing manoeuvre; they are height adjustable and can be moved aside simply to create greater space
Stirrup for Stability To provide extra safety, Bure Rise & Go is fitted with a stirrup to ensure the walker remains stationary during the standing manoeuvre
Power Rise Bure Rise & Go is a unique aid for assisting patients or users during the standing manoeuvre
Ergonomic Handles Ergonomically designed handles are steplessly adjustable in every direction for optimum individual comfort
Stable The walker has anatomical cushions that provide relief for shoulders, arms and the neck and shift the focus to larger muscle groups such as leg and chest muscles
Flexible Stepless Adjustment Electrically driven height adjustment makes it easy to pre-set the walker to the desired height
Width - External 77cm
Max User Weight 150kg
Length 92cm
Height 97-137cm
Armrest/Internal Dimension 34-67cm
BUR0020010 - Bure Double 2.0 Transfer Plate, Long
BUR0020004 - Bure Double 2.0 Transfer Plate, Short
BUR0010019 - Bure Oxygen Bottle Holder
BUR0010020 - Bure Side Support, Complete with Cushion
BUR0010021 - Bure Side Support, Complete with Cushion, PU
BUR0010022 - Bure Dripstand Holder, Complete Set
BUR0010033 - Bure Soft Basket with Attachment
BRG0020003 - Bure Rise & Go Handbrake, 2 Brakes
BRG0010009 - Bure Rise & Go Belt MULTI, L
BRG0010010 - Bure Rise & Go Belt MULTI, M
BRG0010011 - Bure Rise & Go Belt Multi, S
BRG0010012 - Bure Rise & Go Belt Multi, XL
BRG0010013 - Bure Rise & Go Belt Multi, XS
BRG0010014 - Bure Rise & Go Gait Training Kit for MULTI Belt

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