Mercury Advance Bari Alternating Cushion

Product Code CUS1210000

The Dyna-Form® Mercury Advance Bari Alternating Cushion is a dynamic replacement seating system, combined with the benefits of modern foam technology. It is specifically designed for patients considered to be at Very High Risk of pressure ulcer development. Offering high levels of patient comfort, this unique system has the facility to ‘step up’ to that of a dynamic cushion when clinically required. Similarly, the cushion function can be ‘stepped down’ as the patient’s condition improves.


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Combined foam and dynamic cushion technology Provides the ability to upgrade/downgrade to that of patient clinical requirement
Pressure selection mode Providing ultimate patient comfort, without affecting care procedures
Professor led documentation available Clinically proven foam cushion
LED alert Flashing indicators alert carers of low cell pressures/failure
Foam cell technology Ability to change every individual cell, providing excellent cost management opportunities
Minimal weld design with protective zip flap cover Prevents ingress or harbouring of skin flora and other bacteria. "Ring Pull" zip design to aid arthritic hands or other disabilities
Modern design power unit Comes complete with a multitude of functions, including: Automatic pressure setting/comfort selection mode, CPR/static mode functions, low/high pressure LED and audible warning functions, illuminating on/off switch
Unique "ischial tuberosity well" design Create exceptional posture management
Product Code CUS1210000
SWL 318kg/50 stone
Risk category Very High Risk
Available widths 28"; 30"; 32"

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