Ceiling support

Código de Producto LI2612.0001-02

Support for rising from a supine position

Handicare’s Ceiling support is fixed to the ceiling. The moulded triangular grip is hanging from a nylon strap with adjustable length.

From a fixed location and well within reach for a user lying on a trolley or in bed, Ceiling support provides a safe grip and support for rising from a supine position, turning over or changing position.


To be able to use Ceiling support when turning and repositioning, the user must be able to support his/her own body weight.


Please note! This type of lifting puts stress on your arms, shoulders and back. Before using a support rail of this type check with a healthcare professional to make sure this solution is suitable for you.


Handicare’s Ceiling support is available in coated steel and is only available in the colour white with a light grey plastic (glass fibre reinforced nylon) handle.


  • Ceiling mounted support for rising, turning over or changing position
  • Provides a safe grip, at adjustable height, for large and small hands
  • The support point is in a fixed position
  • Durable steel or stainless steel
  • Watertight construction
  • Hygienic design
  • Easy to install, Wall mounting set (art. no. LI2807.0000-00) is available as an accessory
  • Supplied complete with Insulation set M6 x 4 (art. no. LI2860.0000-00), which provides for electrical insulation and covering of fixing points for a stylish look and to make the ceiling support easy to keep clean
  • Extremely secure, provides reliable support for users weighing up to 150 kg
  • 5 years warranty


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Material(s)Coated steel/Plastic
Art. no.LI2612.0001-02
NameCeiling support
DescriptionCoated steel/plastic, white, strap length 120-1500 mm, incl. Insulation set M6 x 4

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