Liko Ultra Lift Pants (500kg SWL)

Product Code 0604

With Liko LiftPants the patient can gait train under safe and secure conditions. The security gives the patient the courage to dare just that little bit more. LiftPants are available in sizes from XXL to XXXL.

LiftPants provide freedom of movement, while relieving some or all of the burden of body weight. They support safely, allowing the patient to move on his/her own without the risk of falling.

During the practice, the lift is ready to take all the weight. Thus the patient and caregiver can devote all their attention to training without having to worry about the consequences of a wrong step.

LiftPants can be used with an overhead lift or with a mobile lift with sufficient lifting height. The advantage of an overhead lift is that the patient can move freely within the lifting area of the lift which, in the case of a traverse-type overhead lift, can mean practically the entire room.

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For use with Gantry or Viking XL Mobile Hoist
Rental order code 0604
SWL 500kg/79 stone
Available sizes XXL; XXXL

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