Product Code 70200033

An accessory for MiniLift200, MiniLift160 and MiniLift125

CalfStrap is an accessory that is used to support the user’s calves, thereby providing the user with an extra feeling of security, during sit-to-stand and transfers using MiniLift200, MiniLift160 and MiniLift125 sit-to-stand lifts.

CalfStrap is easily secured via clasps on the side of the leg support. After adjustment of the length to fit the user, CalfStrap is very easy to attach and the anti-slip material on the inside makes sure it is effectively kept in place to support the user’s calves.

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DescriptionAccessory for MiniLift200 as from serial no. 200001277 and for MiniLift125 as from serial no. 125001653
Art. no.70200033
DescriptionFor MiniLift200 with serial numbers from 200001277, MiniLift160 and MiniLift125 with serial numbers from 125001653
Rising to sitting down
Standing training

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