Product Code 50000001

This full-body positioning bolster is ideal for creating comfortable and pressure relieving positions for clients or patients in bed. The cylinder-shaped bolstering cushion is 250 cm long, which means that it can support the body from head to toe all at once.

Unlike similar body pillows, Tube 250 is filled with pressure-relieving foam granulate, which is moldable and provides stability and comfort. This means that the body cushion is suitable for creating comfortable side-lying positions, 30-degree positions and other pressure relieving positions adapted to the client’s needs.

The foam filling and multi-stretch cover provide superior pressure relieving properties, making this positioning aid ideal for preventing and treating pressure ulcers.

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Tactile stimulation A useful form of tactile stimulation for patients with cognitive disfunctions, sensory deprivation or a general need for reassurance and comfort
Stable positioning The full-body positioning aid enables a supportive position, particularly in the 30° supine position
50000007 - Bag for LEJRELET

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