LEJRELET Set with Tube 250

Product Code 5000011

The five positioning cushions in this set can be combined to create everything from full-body positioning to small repositions and targeted pressure-relieving efforts. The set comes with a practical bag to easily store and carry the support cushions.

LEJRELET Tube 250 is a 250 cm long, cylindrical support cushion, design for full body positioning. Unlike other body pillows, it is filled with foam granulate, which means that it is pressure-relieving while also providing tactile stimuli and stability.

LEJRELET Oval is a small positioning cushion, which can be used to relieve strain in the lower back, as a doughnut cushion to relieve pressure on the ears, and much more. The cushion is also suitable for micro-positioning.

LEJRELET Pad High is a support cushion for legs and knees. Place one leg on top of the cushion in the side-lying position or place it under the client’s lower legs when in the supine position to relieve pressure on the heels.

LEJRELET Wedge can be placed in front of the chest of the client in a side-lying position to create tactile stimuli and stability for clients who cannot support themselves, e.g. clients with paralysis or contractures. It can also be positioned at the clients back to prevent them from turning over onto the back.

LEJRELET Pad Low is a flat, rectangular positioning cushion that can be folded or rolled up to meet the situation at hand. It can for example be used as a knee abduction cushion or it can be rolled up to act as an abduction wedge.

A practical bag to store and carry the positioning cushion set.

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