New Clinical Case Studies Highlight Measurable Difference of ‘Intelligent’ Approach

Two new clinical case studies that reinforce the potential benefits of the Intelligent Pressure Care Management solution appeared as poster presentations at this year’s Wounds UK Annual Conference.  

Opportunities in Safety Effectiveness and Improved Patient Care outlines the findings of a study undertaken by The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, which discovered that it can take as long as 6 hours for patients who are deemed clinically to need a dynamic mattress to be transferred onto the right support surface. With reference to the fact that a grade 3 or 4 pressure ulcer can develop in just one or two hours, the study explores how the elimination of patient transfers utilising the Intelligent Pressure Care Management solution significantly helped prevent unnecessary harm from potential pressure ulcers.  

Pressure Redistributing Surfaces in Acute Care, submitted by University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust, examines a pilot scheme that was undertaken in an acute care ward switching from using a mix of standard foam and alternating surfaces to a single ‘hybrid’ support surface, the Dyna-Form® Mercury Advance. The new approach resulted in lowering the incidence of healthcare acquired pressure ulcers as well as delivering other benefits such as greater patient comfort and engagement and significant costs savings.

Intelligent Pressure Care Management is an innovative and proven solution in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Utilising the award-winning Dyna-Form® patient support system, the development of Intelligent Pressure Care Management recognises and addresses that within pressure ulcer prevention protocol, intervention at the earliest possible opportunity along with appropriate selection of support surface are key factors now more than ever.

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