Carital® Optima

Product Code MAT3010001

The Carital® Optima is a dynamic, anti-deformation mattress replacement system. It is specifically designed for patients considered to be at ‘High Risk’ and ‘Very High Risk’ of pressure ulcer development. Offering high levels of patient comfort, the mattresses utilises continuous low pressure to provided pressure redistribution through high levels of immersion and envelopment.

The Carital® Optima’s air cell structured minimum pressure mattress maximises the contact area, whilst minimising the contact pressure and tissue deformation. Automatically adjusting to the user, the Carital® Optima is for patient groups that cannot tolerate movement, but are still at Very High Risk of pressure ulcer development.

The outer cover comprises a high frequency welded, multi-stretch, waterproof, vapour-permeable fabric that satisfies the strictest infection control policies.
A maximum weight capacity of up to 300kg/47 stone allows the product to meet the challenges of heavier patients.

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Advanced control unit with automatic user adjustment Provides high precision pressure adjustments within the cells groups for a range of patient demographics
Unique cell structure - tunnel-formed cell-over-cell construction Provides controlled, adjusted pressure within the 3 zones, whilst minimising potential of bottoming out
Anti-deformation technology mattress Reduced deformation-induced damage of cells and tissues within the vulnerable areas. Deformation-induced damage has been demonstrated to be an early cause of pressure ulcers
Mattress utilises dynamic continuous low pressure to adapt automatically to the user Provides a large contact area and low interface pressure through the properties of immersion and envelopment
Carital® Optima has robust clinical evidence over 25 years Evidence suggests clear clinical and economical benefits provided by the Carital® Optima system
Easy to use control unit offering quick operating options and various modes Ensures simplicity of choice for multiple user positions
Firm mode For rapid transfer or cleaning procedures
Audible-visual warning system Flashing LED and audible warning system alerts the carer/individual to low cell pressure or system failure
Mediresc® cover option provides an evacuation system for the mattress Ensures safety of high risk individuals in the event that an emergency evacuation has to occur

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