Specialist Fabric Launch

Direct Healthcare Services, working in strategic partnership with healthcare professionals and polyurethane coating specialists, Dartex Coatings Ltd™ have developed the very latest, high durability Dyna-Form® Pro-Formance™ fabric that comes complete with a standard 8 year warranty.

After an extensive research and clinical trial period, we are delighted to announce the launch of our latest product, the Dyna-Form® range of mattresses and cushions with the Pro-Formance™cover. The mattress is designed with pressure ulcer prevention and treatment in mind, coupled with a cover that is made to last.

The Dyna-Form® Pro-Formance™ fabric uses an innovative textile combined with a higher modulus matt surface polyurethane coating. This unique combination reduces polyurethane swell when exposed to moisture, which in turn further reduces surface friction, aids patient transfer and reduces the likelihood of snagging or surface damage.

The product is made of three layers of the highest quality polyurethane laminated to a robust, stretch engineered textile base. Dyna-Form® Pro-Formance™ has undergone extensive evaluation in the laboratory setting and clinically, within a large acute hospital with hugh patient turnover.

As wound management is at the height of our agenda, we have ensured crucial levels of moisture vapour permeability at the patient interface, whilst maintaining exceptional polyurethane abrasion performance.

For enhanced confidence, testing has shown waterproof performance to be up to twice that of some competitor products.

Not all fabrics are the same and frequent, pro-longed exposure to higher concentration disinfectant solutions may prematurely age some cover fabrics.

For more details or to request a product brochure or demonstration from a representative, then please contact our Sales department on:

+44 (0) 845 459 9831 or e mail [email protected] providing us with your complete contact details