56% PU Reduction: Wounds UK Publish Large Scale Hybrid Evaluation

A large scale, multi-site evaluation on the implementation of hybrid support surfaces has established ‘real world’ evidence of their impact on pressure ulcer prevention. The evaluation, which examines the implementation of 4,230 hybrid mattresses across 8 NHS Trust Sites, revealed:

· 56% reduction in PU occurrence related to getting patients on the right support surface faster
· Improved operational productivity related to process simplification and the release of nursing time ‘back to care’
· Significant cost savings related to related reduced rentals of dynamic systems, and also reduced length of patient stay and treatment costs

The published clinical paper concludes that the Intelligent solution effectively represents a step change in care delivery with significant, measurable benefits across a number of key healthcare quality indicators.

Within the field of pressure ulcer prevention, high level randomised controlled trials are difficult to undertake. An alternative to the prospective RCT is a real world review, in this case a retrospective analysis of the incidence of pressure ulcer occurrence pre and post implementation of the Dyna-Form® Mercury Advance. While it is acknowledged that the provision of specialist equipment forms only one part of pressure ulcer prevention, the size and number of sites included suggest that the equipment implementation — which is the constant — has played a significant role in driving down the number and severity of pressure ulcers.

Jacqui Fletcher, independent clinical expert, said “ The methodology employed to produce this evaluation gives us confidence in the study findings. In the absence of high level evidence on the deployment of support surfaces this evaluation has produced real world evidence that can be of practical use to the professionals tasked with making key decisions around Pressure Ulcer Prevention. The data outlines a compelling case for more Trusts to be encouraged to adopt available innovation, especially in the current political climate of being asked to improve patient care whilst cutting costs.”

The Dyna-Form® Mercury Advance hybrid solution received a Queen’s Award for Innovation in May 2016.
‘Real World Evidence from a Large Scale Multisite Evaluation of a Hybrid Mattress’ is published in September’s Wounds UK.

Download the full published clinical study here