Repositioning Sheet

The bariatric Repositioning sheet greatly assists carers when administering in bed patient care, allowing a reduced number of care

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Flexo Stretch Lift Stretcher

The Flexo Stretch lift stretcher can be used with the Viking L, Viking XL mobile hoists and Golvo patient

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For extremely large and heavy users – over 200 kg/440 lbs

BariSling is a lifting sling that is designed for

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Strong, safe and easy to manoeuvre

Eva450 is a versatile mobile patient lift for all lifting situations and for users

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Extra strong and safe, for heavier users

Eva600EE is a versatile mobile patient lift for all lifting situations, especially for

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For activating extremely large and heavy users

BariVest is a vest that is designed for rising, standing training and gait

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Liko Ultra Twin Gantry Hoist (400kg SWL)

With a very high lifting capacity this gantry hoist has two lift motors that work together to meet very

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Mobile Flex 2 Post Gantry Hoist (275kg SWL)

Suitable for people who need an immediate and/ or temporary hoisting solution that can be easily and simply fitted,

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Liko Viking XL Mobile Hoist (300kg SWL)

An increasing need for lifting heavy patients in different care situations led to the development of a mobile lift

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Atlas 250 Mobile Lift (250kg SWL)

The Atlas 250 is a high quality, bariatric mobile lift with a weight capacity of 250 kg and a

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Titan 250 Bariatric Stand Aid (250kg SWL)

The Titan 250 is designed to carry out patient transfer from one seated position to another without compromising safety,

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Liko Ultra Twist Plate (500kg SWL)

UltraTwist is that part of the UltraTwin lift system which enables full rotation (360 degrees) of both lift units

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Liko Ultra Lift Pants (500kg SWL)

With Liko LiftPants the patient can gait train under safe and secure conditions The security gives the patient the

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Liko Repositioning Sheet (500kg SWL)

RepoSheet® lift aid is a versatile lift sheet that facilitates the otherwise strenuous manual task of turning or repositioning

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