Titan 250 Bariatric Stand Aid (250kg SWL)

Product Code 0607

The Titan 250 is designed to carry out patient transfer from one seated position to another without compromising safety, for example in a toileting or general transfer situation. An ideal aid for patients who are cognitive and able to cooperate, and who are partially weight bearing but require assistance to be raised to an upright position, the Titan 250 facilitates an imitation of the body’s natural rising movement, making the lifting action comfortable for the client.

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Includes re-usable sling
Very small footprint
Wide V-shape legs provide greater stability
Imitates the body's natural rising movement to make the lifting action more comfortable for the patient
Rental order code 0607
SWL 250kg/39 stone
Product weight 48kg
Lifting interval 60-170cm
Inside width legs (min/max) 56/105cm

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