EthosGPS – Remote Assessment Service

Here at Direct Healthcare Group, our specalist Team remain committed to provide support and training to healthcare professionals, and are available to assist with assessments either face-to-face where possible, or remotely via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime or a phone call.

To ensure that you, your clients and the Direct Healthcare Group clinical assessment team are safe, the risks of conducting a Specialist Seating or Patient Handling equipment assessment have been considered.

While we can offer a virtual assessment of select equipment via the EthosGPS Remote Assessment Service, we would also like to reassure you that the following best practice guidelines have been implemented for all face-to-face assessments:

  • Appropriate PPE – All teams have access to PPE and hand sanitiser. The team will wear PPE when working with all client groups.
  • Maintain Social Distance – Where possible, we will ensure to keep a safe distance from the client group.
  • Equipment Provision – As general best practice, all equipment is disinfected pre- and post-assessment.
  • Trial Equipment – Should trial equipment be required, the equipment will be delivered, contact free if possible, to the confirmed address and will be suitable disinfected for use.

A new series of Ethos Webcast dates and titles have been scheduled covering a plethora of topics from Safe Moving & Handling including Discharge To Assess Using A Single Handed Care Approach, Specialist Seating including Completing A Seating Assessment and Pressure Area Care including Pressure Ulcer Development in Critical Care Patients.

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For further information on our latest best practice for assessments, click here.