Preventing Pressure Sores

EasySlide, disposable

EasySlide on a roll – a personal sliding mat for short-term use

EasySlide, disposable is a new, unbelievably versatile sliding

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Easy and comfortable turning and positioning of users in bed

The multi-directional

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Mattress cover, TurnSheet

Accessory for TurnSheet and TopSheet

TurnSheet, which is available in three models/sizes and several variants, lies on top of a mattress cover

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Lower part for TopSheet

Accessory for TopSheet

TopSheet is a combined turning device and incontinence protection It consists of two parts, and the lower

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A combined turning device and incontinence protection

TopSheet is used together with a stationary or mobile lift to avoid heavy

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For turning of heavy and pain-sensitive users

A pain-sensitive user, requiring intensive and frequent care can be a challenge for

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Facilitates turning in bed

ReadyLett is a satin sliding sheet which is intended for users who have difficulties turning in bed The

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TurnSheet, 65 x 130

Enables a more active user to turn and change position in bed

TurnSheet (65 x 130) has been developed for

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Facilitates turning in bed

WendyLett base sheet is a satin sliding sheet available

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For easy and comfortable turning of users

WendyLett2Way is a drawsheet made

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EasySlide, 190 x 60

For supine transfers and for turning in bed

EasySlide (190 x 60) is primarily used for supine transfers, for example

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