Dyna-Form® SMARTresponse®

Product Code MAT32

Dyna-Form® SMARTresponse® is a next generation hybrid support surface that is uniquely able to support clinical choice and timely intervention on an individualised basis by automatically or remotely stepping-up patient care when a period of patient non-movement has been detected. With the focus on clinical choice, SMARTresponse® empowers healthcare providers to achieve earlier intervention in pressure ulcer prevention.

Hybrid support surfaces have been clinically proven to support the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, representing a step-change in care delivery that provides a more cost-effective solution and promotes best use of resources. With the addition of the SMARTresponse® control unit, DHG have transformed the hybrid support surface, providing a unique smart-monitoring mattress that can also provide intervention at the point of increased risk.

SMARTresponse® offers the following unique smart-technology features:

  • Auto Start – Selecting Auto Start allows the system to automatically ‘step up’ care when no patient movement has been detected for a period of time.
  • Alert Me – Alert Me sends a message directly to the care provider when no patient movement has been detected for a period of time. This provides the carer with the ability to remotely ‘step up’ care from anywhere.
  • Bed Exit – Bed Exit can be activated at any point to detect bed exit events. In the event that a bed exit is detected, an alert is sent directly to the care provider.

Dyna-Form® SMARTresponse® continues to utilise DHG’s proven hybrid approach, with the additional benefit of continuous risk monitoring:

  1. Continually optimised pressure redistribution
    6mmHg maintained within the system to create continuous, optimised pressure redistribution.
  2. Non-movement monitoring for earliest intervention
    Care is stepped up automatically or remotely, via the SMARTresponse® app, after a period of patient non-movement is detected.
  3. Effective pressure relief
    The system provides 1-in-2 alternating therapy for effective pressure relief.

Innovating for a More Sustainable Future

At DHG, we recognise the role that innovative technology has to play in creating a more sustainable future. Global reforestation and afforestation projects provide an incredibly important resource in achieving carbon neutrality. As such, DHG commit to a one-for-one model, planting one tree for every Dyna-Form® SMARTresponse® system that is sold.

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Static mode delivering continuous low pressure (6mmHg) within the system Enhanced pressure redistribution in the non-alternating mode provides greater immersion and envelopment with a focus on minimising tissue deformation
Continuous risk assessment of mobility Enables earlier, and automatic, intervention when risk of pressure ulcer development due to immobility increases
Automatic intervention when placed in the Auto-Start mode SMARTresponse doesn’t just monitor, but also directly intervenes automatically when the risk of pressure ulcer development due to immobility has increased
Alert Me mode provides continuous risk monitoring with the added control of remote intervention Provides clinicians with an intervention option, enabling them to receive a notification, via the SMARTresponse app, as to the increase in risk with an option to remotely intervene and turn the control unit on
Alert Me mode automatically steps up care if notifications are ignored Ensures that intervention is still delivered when risk increases, providing a failsafe fall back and minimising risk of pressure ulcer development
Bed Exit monitoring mode Alerts the carer to a bed exit event with the aim of reducing accidents related to unwanted movement of patients out of bed
Auto-calibration, or patient weight selection, ensures accurate risk monitoring Provides individualised risk monitoring based upon the patient’s weight, with an auto-calibration option removing the necessity for weighing the patient
Remote notification of control unit faults All control unit faults send a notification to the caregiver via the SMARTresponse app, limiting the potential for inappropriate pressure ulcer treatment or product downtime
Built on a strong powered hybrid clinical evidence base developed over 10 years To date, DHG’s powered hybrid systems have over 25 pieces of clinical evidence, demonstrating strong clinical efficacy and cost effectiveness
Product Code MAT32
Risk Category Very High Risk
Weight Limit No minimum weight limit. Product evaluated to 254kg/40 stone capacity
Warranty 2 years
Dimensions (Mattress) Standard Size (Length) 198cm x (Width) 88cm x (Height) 15cm. Variable sizes available.
Product Weight 13kg mattress / 1.7kg control unit
Cycle Time 10 minutes
Dimensions (Control Unit) 245mm (W) x 160mm (H) x 95mm (D)

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