Dyna-Form® Mercury Advance

Product Code MAS12

The Dyna-Form® Mercury Advance is a dynamic mattress replacement system combined with the benefits of modern foam technology. It is specifically designed for patients considered to be at ‘Very High Risk’ of pressure ulcer development. Offering high levels of patient comfort, this unique system has the facility to ‘step up’ to that of a dynamic mattress when clinically required. Similarly, the mattress function can be ‘stepped down’ as the patient’s condition improves.

These features make it particularly beneficial for use within the patient’s home or palliative care environment and help reduce logistic and decontamination costs. The clinical benefits of a single system are equally applicable to those of a modern hospital setting.

A higher maximum weight capacity, up to 40 stone / 254kg, allows the product to meet the challenges of heavier patients.
All component parts are interchangeable and replaceable, maximising product life and reducing environmental impact. The outer cover comprising a high frequency welded, multi stretch and vapour permeable Dartex fabric satisfies the strictest infection control policies.

Please note this product is also available with PU covered umbilical.

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Combined foam and dynamic mattress technology Provides the ability to upgrade/downgrade to that of patient clinical requirements
Fixed head section Maintaining head & shoulder stability
Static mode For rapid transfer or cleaning procedures
Pressure selection mode Providing ultimate patient comfort, without affecting care procedures
2 in 1 mattress capability Minimises demand on logistics, decontamination and repair costs
Clinically proven foam mattress Professor led documentation available
Optional securing straps Ensures safe use for both patient and carer
Easy use power unit Automatic pressure adjustment function to that of individual patient weight
LED alert Flashing indicators alert carers of low cell pressures/failure
Easy deflate CPR connector valve Allows rapid deflation within 10 seconds
Product Code MAS12
Risk Category Very High Risk
Weight Limit No minimum weight limit. Product evaluated to 40 stone / 254kg capacity.
Warranty 2 Years
Dimensions Standard Size (Length) 198cm x (Width) 88cm x (Height) 15cm
Product Weight 13.3kg mattress / 1.7kg Power Unit
Cycle Time 10 minutes
Mode of Operation Electronic
Voltage 220 - 240V / 50HZ
Power Consumption 10W
Colour Blue
Infection Control / Hypochlorite Solution Compatible 1,000 ppm diluted or 0.1% (or to be used in conjunction with local infection control guidelines)
Option PU covered umbilical
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