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For easy lifting of an arm or leg

LimbSling is designed to comfortably and conveniently assist lifting of a user’s leg or arm, for example, to gain better access for treatment and dressing sores.

LimbSling is very practical for large and heavy users. LimbSling is applied by placing it under the limb to be lifted and connecting the strap loops to the sling bar.


LimbSling is available in one size and two different materials; polyester and a disposable material.

Disposable material for optimal hygiene and safety

LimbSling, disposable, is made of a sturdy, durable non-woven material. Instead of laundering, the lift strap is discarded after use, when it becomes soiled or when the user no longer needs it. This prevents the spread of multi-resistant and other types of infectious bacteria. LimbSling, disposable, is a lift strap for short-term use and for users weighing up to max 150 kg/330 lbs.


  • Simplifies e.g., treatment or dressing sores
  • Very practical for large and heavy patients
  • Also available in disposable material for maximum hygiene and safety
  • SWL 300 kg/660 lbs (disposable material: SWL 150 kg/330 lbs)

Accessories for individual adaptation

Accessories for individual adaptation are available.

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Art. no.4920000649292000
DescriptionPolyester, one sizeDisposable, non-woven, one size
SizeOne size One size
SWL300 kg150 kg
Units1 5
Unit1 5
Material(s)PolyesterDisposable, non-woven

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