Enhancing Winter Resilience

“Over 13,000 people per day are fit to be discharged from hospital”

The NHS frontline is already facing ‘extreme pressure’ as a result of the busiest summer ever reported. The continued impact of managing Covid-19, the recovery of services and the relative return to usual activity levels has led to a challenging year; especially in the context of constrained capacity due to infection prevention and control, and a smaller workforce. In addition, the latest NHS England statistics show only 40% of patients were able to leave hospital when they were ready to in July 2022. These factors, combined with the inevitable increase of frail and vulnerable patients admitted to hospital as a result of trips and falls, plus the onset of cold weather and flu, is extremely likely to significantly impact the demand for services.

To enhance Winter Resilience, DHG has prepared key equipment to help manage the overall rise in patients, assist with bed occupancy and facilitate easier discharge to enable patients to stay in the comfort of their own home this winter. DHG’s bariatric and standard rental equipment solutions can support each individual Integrated Care System (ICS) goals – ensuring a patient led approach and continuity of equipment across healthcare settings.

“Ahead of the winter, we want to make sure we are doing everything we possibly can to free up capacity so that staff can ensure patients get the care they need – this includes timely discharge, working with social care, and better support in the community with the expansion of virtual wards.”
Professor Sir Stephen Powis, NHS national medical director

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