Shower chair textile seat, mobile

A mobile shower chair available in four variants

Handicare’s mobile Shower chair textile seat is an assistive device allowing the

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Combi, attendant operated

A mobile and height-adjustable commode/shower chair available in three variants

The mobile Combi commode/shower chair is an assistive device allowing

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Heavy Duty commode/shower chair

Designed for larger and heavier users

In today’s society, the number of overweight people is increasing steadily Overweight people are

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Swimming pool hoist chair

Mobile and self-propelling models for safe transfers at the swimming pool

Handicare’s Swimming pool hoist chair is made from high-quality

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Comm/shower chair soft seat, mobile

A mobile commode/shower chair available in eight variants

DHG’s mobile Commode/shower chair soft seat is an assistive device allowing the

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Soft toilet seats and inserts, replacements

Spare parts and accessories for commode/shower chairs

Handicare’s various models and variants of Commode/shower chair soft seat, Heavy Duty commode/shower

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