Bedpan and bucket, stainless steel

Product Code LI02979.411;LI02979.430

For Soft shower seat and for freestanding use of Handicare commodes

All Handicare’s chairs fitted with a toilet seat and with toilet rails can be used either freestanding with a bedpan or bucket or standing over a toilet. The stainless steel Bedpan and Bucket, which are available as accessories, can be used with Commode/shower chair soft seat and Heavy Duty commode/shower chair as well as with Handicare’s Soft shower seat.

The Bedpan can also be used with Handicare’s Tilting commode/shower chair and the Bucket can be used with Handicare’s Height adjustable tilting commode/shower chair.


The Bedpan and the Bucket feature a practical and hygienic design. Both are supplied with a lid for maximum convenience.


  • Practical and hygienic design
  • Durable stainless steel for easy maintenance and optimal hygiene
  • Handle and lid for maximum convenience
  • Very easy to place and remove

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