Product Code 5000004

LEJRELET Pad Low is a lightweight and soft support cushion that can be shaped and moulded to suit many different situations.
The positioning cushion is ideal to combine with larger positioning cushions to give that little bit of extra support. The cushion’s structure makes it possible to roll up or fold the cushion to suit the individual situation. For instance, roll it up and place it under the neck or use it as an abduction wedge. It is also possible to use the cushion as is. For instance, place it under the heels or under the elbow to relieve pressure points.
When Pad Low is used for positioning patients or clients in the side-lying position it is useful to place it between the knees as an abduction cushion, or between the feet to prevent touching of any bone protrusions

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Pressure redistribution and relief The pressure relieving support cushion is particularly suitable for relieving high-risk areas such as the heels, feet, hands, and elbows.
Height 4cm
Width 30cm
Length 50cm
Weight 350g
Cover Polyester (polyurethane coated)
Filling Polyurethane foam and viscoelastic foam
5000007 - Bag for LEJRELET

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