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This wedge cushion is designed based on the anatomy of the human chest. This makes the support cushion particularly suited for placing in front of the client’s chest or at their back.

The wedge cushion combines two types of foam, to provide firmness and stability to, while also being pressure relieving.

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Stability in the side lying position The wedge shape and the unique slip-resistant cover makes this support cushion ideal for creating comfortable and stable side-lying positions which is useful during intimate hygiene and dressing in bed, wound care on the lumbar or pelvis areas or for relaxation and sleep.
KNee-bend tailored to the individual When creating a bend at the knee using the profiling functions of care beds, the bend does not always align with the client’s knees. Using the Wedge cushion, it is possible to create a knee-break exactly where the client’s knees are, providing the best possible support for the client.
Diameter 15cm
Width 30cm
Length 50cm
Weight 550g
Cover Polyester (polyurethane coated)
Filling Polyurethane foam and viscoelastic foam
50000007 - Bag for LEJRELET

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