Product Code TRG0010001; TRG0010002

Tergo®Glide is an ergonomic transfer aid that can be used in the transfer and repositioning of dependant patients, with the additional benefit of an integral, absorbent incontinence pad. The patented Tergo®Glide design provides a smooth, effective lateral movement, whilst preventing unwanted migration down the bed.

The practical and robust grips enable the caregiver to establish a firm, ergonomic working position; providing a reduction in physical loads associated with patient moving and handling. The large size and high safe working load of the Tergo®Glide provides a transfer solution that is suitable in a wide range of patient demographics. Whilst constant, in situ placement reduces disturbance of the patient and enables independent transfer if required.

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Low-friction base material with directional properties Provides easy lateral transfer and repositioning movements whilst preventing migration down the bed as the backrest is raised
Top material is an absorbent incontinence pad Provides the additional benefit of incontinence management within a transfer sheet, preventing the need for additional material in situ
Practical and robust grips Provides a firm and secure hold of the pad to facilitate use of the product
Standard Sizes 88cm x 120cm (S-M); 105cm x 120cm (L-XL)
SWL 250kg/39 stone
Structure Integrated, multi-layered with handles
Absorbency 30 dl/m2
Higher Up In Bed
Turning In Bed

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