EASY SoftBack

Product Code HYG0010001, HYG0010002

EASY™ is a well-designed hygiene stool with a great many advanced functions. The hygiene chair is designed with telescoping pillars to create as much space and flexibility as possible for care personnel. The chair is suitable for use in shower and toilet environments in care institutions and at home.
EASY™ can be raised, lowered and tilted forwards and backwards even with the user in the chair. It’s functions make the EASY™ Unequalled aid for personnel while also providing great comfort for the user (for example, its ability to tilt really helps take the strain). EASY™ is available with our new, soft Comfort seat with an opening at the rear for a more natural, hygienic working method. EASY™ SoftBack is availble in 2 versions -with a conventional backstrap/neck support (SoftBack Comfort) or with Ribbons/PUR (SoftBack Flexi).

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Adjustable Back-Strap The soft, comfortable back-strap relieves pressure on bony areas. It is easily adjustable for best support and seat depth
Individual Fit EASY has a neck support that is adjustable in height and from side to side for comfortable support and individual fit
Lockable Armrests The armrests can be flipped up or locked in their lower position. This is for safety when the chair is tilted
Tilt Function EASY can be inclined approx 5 degrees forward and 30 degrees backward. This makes it easy to use when sitting down, getting up and for personal hygiene. The tilt function also improves the working environment and reduces strain on employees
Open Pillar Design The telescoping aluminium pillars have an open design that allows water and dirt to simply run through
Adjustable Seat Height An infinitely variable seat height from 53cm all the way to 93cm means the chair will fit every patient and reduce staff workload to a minimum
Swing-Away, Detachable Footrests The footrests can be swung away and detached and there is also a heel strap provided as standard to prevent the patient’s foot from slipping from the footrest during tilting
Width - External 65cm
Max User Weight 150kg
Seat Height 53-93cm
Width Between Armrests 49cm
Seat Depth 45cm
HYG0010004 - EASY Shower Seat, Plastic
HYG0010005 - EASY Soft Seat, Keyhole
HYG0010006 - EASY Safety Bar
HYG0010009 - EASY Side Support
HYG0010010 - EASY Safety Belt, Hip/Thigh
HYG0010011 - EASY Sanitary Pan Holder
HYG0010012 - EASY Heel Loops (Pair)
HYG0010013 - EASY SoftBack Width Extension (+5cm)
HYG0010015 - Calf Strap
HYG0010018 - EASY Comfort Seat Rear Opening (Green)
HYG0010019 - EASY Soft Seat, Full
HYG0010020 - EASY SoftBack Adjustable Backrest Foam
HYG0010021 - EASY Amputation/Calf Support (Left)
HYG0010022 - EASY Amputation/Calf Support (Right)
HYG0010023 - EASY Footrest for Amputation/Calf Support (Left)
HYG0010024 - EASY Footrest for Amputation/Calf Support (Right)

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