The Most Significant Evolution in Static Mattress Design at TVS 2013

Direct Healthcare Services launched the new Dyna-Form® Mercury Static Air mattress at this year’s TVS Show.

With increasing focus on prevention as the first and best line of defence when it comes to successfully tackling the rising cost of avoidable pressure ulcers, the simplicity and effectiveness of the Dyna-Form® Mercury Static Air make it the ideal standard support surface for any healthcare setting.

Representing the most significant evolution in static mattress design, the Dyna-Form® Mercury Static Air combines the benefits of air displacement technology with modern foams for excellent pressure reduction, performing 20% better than market-leading static mattresses in Pressure Mapping testing.

Incorporating 14 air and foam filled cells, a patented valve system allows Reactive Airflow System (RAS™) technology to displace and adjust to the patient’s body weight and movement. This ‘dynamic’ characteristic ensures more effective and responsive pressure redistribution than a standard foam mattress when a bed is profiled for a patient to sit up, increasing the pressure in the high risk sacral and coccyx areas.

A higher maximum weight capacity, up to 40 stone/ 254kg, also allows the product to meet the modern challenges of those heavier clients. With all component parts interchangeable and fully replaceable, Dyna-Form® Mercury Static Air is designed for maximum product life and offers the most cost-effective solution to pressure care management.

To enquire about a Static Air product demonstration or trial evaluation please contact us:

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