Ergogrip 90° grab rails

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90° angled grab rails for optimum support next to the toilet or bath and in the shower

Linido’s Ergogrip 90° angled grab rails are available in several variants and sizes.

The 90° grab rails, which is available in two sizes

The 90° grab rail, which is available in left and right angled variants and in two sizes, provides a great support solution in the shower or bath, but it can also be used for support next to the toilet. The shorter horizontal part offers support when standing and during transfers while the longer vertical part offers support as well as the function of a slide bar for a shower head holder, which is available as an accessory. The lenght of the vertical part allows for adjustment of the shower head holder both for standing and sitting users.

Ergogrip grab rails – for a unique, ergonomic grip

Linido’s Ergogrip angled grab rails are specially designed to provide a good, strong and ergonomic grip. The grab rails feature a round tube with an ergonomic diameter, allowing both large and small hands and fingers to wrap around the tube in a firm and secure grip and providing plenty of room for the hand between the tube and the wall. Furthermore, the tube and its unique angle of 60° rather than the conventional 90° allows the hand and wrist to retain a natural position even while holding the grab rail at the corner.

Order information

Ergogrip angled grab rails are available in several materials and colours; coated steel and coated stainless steel (white and anthracite) and polished stainless steel with white or anthracite plastic (glass fibre reinforced nylon) flanges and covers. For complete article numbers, please consult the Order information document which is available as a pdf in the “Documentation” section hereunder.

  • Offers horizontal and vertical support for sitting, standing and during transfers
  • Unique 60° angle allows hand and wrist to retain a natural position even while holding the grab rail at the corner
  • Ergonomic diameter; 28.6 mm (steel) and 28 mm (stainless steel), provides a secure grip
  • Distance between tube and wall; 75 mm, provides plenty of room for the hand
  • Durable steel or stainless steel with plastic (glass fibre reinforced nylon) wall flanges and covers for electrical insulation
  • Watertight construction
  • Hygienic design with rounded shapes and sleek surfaces
  • Very easy to install, Wall mounting set (art. no. LI2807.0000-00) is available as an accessory
  • After installation, the fixing points are covered and concealed for a stylish look and to make the grab rail easy to keep clean
  • Extremely secure, provides reliable support for users weighing up to 150 kg
  • The surface area of the wall flanges ensures that the load is well distributed, but for secure fixing to a weaker wall, a special backing plate for mounting from the back of the wall is available as an accessory (art. no. LI0126.5034-02)
  • 5 years warranty

Combinations and accessories for individually adapted bathroom solutions

Linido’s range offers a wide choice of safe and comfortable assistive devices and practical accessories; products that can be supplied in several materials and colours and that can be combined in an endless number of ways to provide for increased versatility and usability and for the creation of individually adapted support solutions for different locations and user needs. For example, all Ergogrip angled grab rails can be fitted with a toilet roll holder, which is available as an accessory. All variants of Ergogrip 90 can also be fitted with a shower head holder and be used as sturdy and safe shower rails. The large variants of Ergogrip 90 can also be used in combination with Click-On frame, a removeable frame for hanging of an Ergonomic shower seat. This combination conveniently provides a safe and comfortable place for the user to sit in the shower.

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