Hand control HB33-6

Product Code 70200089

Accessory for mobile lifts with electrical base widening

Most models of Handicare’s SystemRoMedic™ mobile lifts with electrical (EE) base widening can be used in combination with a more advanced, 6 buttons hand control which is available as an accessory.

Two buttons are used to operate the base widening function and two buttons are used for normal speed raising and lowering of the lift arm. The final two buttons are used to fine-tune the position of the lift arm and to accomplish a soft and comfortable start of the lift.


In addition to the six buttons, this hand control also features service, battery status and overload indicators allowing the caregiver to monitor the status of the lift in a convenient way while at the same time operating the lift and maintaining contact with the user.


The hand control sits comfortably in the hand of the caregiver. A practical hook on the back of the hand control can be used for hanging of the hand control both on the wrist and on the mobile lift.


Hand control HB33-6 can be used with the following models and variants of Handicare’s mobile lifts:

  • MiniLift200, art no. 401100334
  • MiniLift160EE, art no. 60300012
  • MiniLift160EE, with low legs, art no. 60300013
  • MiniLift125, art no. 400641434
  • Carina350EE, art no. 60600009
  • Carina350EE, with low legs, art no. 60600014
  • Vega505EE, art no. 60600003


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