From Bed To Wheelchair

The Multifit

The highly supportive sling

The Multifit covers a wide range of applications and is one of the most supportive tailored

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The Longseat Fit

Ideal for when slings are to be left under the user, but additional leg support is required

The Longseat Fit

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Classic Fit Sling

The Classic Fit covers a wide range of applications The soft shell binding is strong, yet smooth on the

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EasySlide, disposable 2040

EasySlide on a roll – a personal sliding mat for short-term use

EasySlide, disposable is a new, unbelievably versatile sliding

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For positioning in bed and for sitting transfers

EasySlide (50 x 60), (50 x 70) and (25 x 60) are

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PositioningBelt is used as support in different transfer situations


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BariSling, Art. No. 47091010

For extremely large and heavy users – over 200 kg/440 lbs

BariSling is a lifting sling that is designed for

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TurnSafe Art. No. 400025544

For sit-to-stand and transfers with turning

TurnSafe is an ergonomic and easy-to-use aid for sit-to-stand and transfers with turning

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LowBackSling. Art. No. 40252002/3/4/6/7/8/9

Standard model for more active users

LowBackSling is designed for use in most common lifting situations, eg for sitting transfers

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BasicSling Art. No. 40552002/3/4/6/7/8/9

Standard model for users with good head stability

BasicSling is designed for use in most common lifting situations, eg for

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FlexiMove (mini) Art. No. 3020

Support for sit-to-stand and positioning in bed but also for sitting transfers

FlexiMove has multiple areas of application For example

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TurnTable 38 cm

For transferring a user between wheelchair and chair, toilet or bed

Many users have enough strength to stand on their

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EvaDrive – a new innovative mobile lift which reduces the risks for carers and eliminates load injuries

EvaDrive is a

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Wipeable cover to FootStool

FootStoolCover is a wipeable cover designed to use together with Handicare’s FootStool It is made of

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RisePorto 300/450

Safe and flexible lifting solutions for all settings and situations

RisePorto is a portable ceiling lift unit featuring unusally small

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A versatile and economical solution for safe and easy lifting

Carina350 is a foldable, mobile patient lift adapted for safe and

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For users with high leg amputations and who need a lot of support

AmpHBSling is designed for use in most

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Offers a totally unique and very comfortable sit-to-stand experience

MiniLift160 is a mobile sit-to-stand lift which has been developed to,

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Gentle for users who need a lot of support

For users who need extra support for the head, ClassicHBSling enables

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Gentle support for users with good head stability

ClassicSling enables a safe and comfortable seated position and gives the user

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